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Zoologists rejected registration as they want the freedom to publish new
taxon names where ever they want (except the Internet) with the
responsibility for finding where they hid those names being some one

Our draft proposal called for zoologists to ensure that their work was
indexed by the Zoological Record so at least other workers would know what
new taxa were being described and where. However, a majority of zoologists
strongly felt it is not their responsibility to help others find their work.
And the responsibility of seeing that the Zoological Record (which does scan
thousands of serials) got a copy of their work was too much!

This irresponsibility of some is another reason why the rest of Science
isn't willing to invest in taxonomy & nomenclature. Other biologists build
community tools, like GenBank, etc., many taxonomists hid away in their own
worlds, fighting to maintain their isolation.

Oh, well ...

>>> Derek Sikes <dss95002 at UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU> 10/11 12:06 PM >>>
Barry wrote:
> At 11:32 AM -0400 10/11/01, Derek Sikes wrote:
>> ...If we could assign arbitrary, unique numbers to every original
> ... We can dream, can't we?
> This brings us to the notion of registering new names, at which time a
> unique identifier could be attached.  Of course, this concept has been
> far rejected by the community. - Barry

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the registration idea was rejected because it
required registration & the assignment of a number as part of the criteria
for valid publication, no?

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