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Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Tue Oct 16 09:04:12 CDT 2001

> We have this situation in bacteriology at present where the
> species A.b is placed in genus C. by X et al. 2000 and in genus D. by Y et
> al. 2000.

NAME table
Name    Rank
A       Genus
b       Species
C       Genus
D       Genus

OrigDescr, 1999
X et al. 2000
Y et al. 2000

ID      Citation                Name    Parent
1       OrigDescr, 1999 b       A
2       X et al. 2000   b       C
3       Y et al. 2000   b       D

> Both names are "CURRRENT" and according to a particular
> (current)
> taxonomic opinion both are "CORRECT".

The ASSERTION table tracks all possible calssifications.  There are many
ways to document which Assertions are regarded as "Correct", and by whom. As
Jim made clear, the difficulty is in capturing all the meaningful assertions
in the database.

> Bacteriology does have a
> system of registering names which means we have complete listed of all new
> names or new combinations.

Can you point me to the website for the registering organization?


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