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John R. Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Tue Oct 16 15:53:15 CDT 2001

>Here I agree with Peter. If only I could grasp what a baseline means

A baseline is a hypothesis of historical relationship between the origin
and evolution of a track (individual or standard) and the baseline feature
crossed by the track.

>To answer John's last message by the way: my starting point is precisely a
>lack of explicitation of that in the panbiogeographic litterature (or
>possible lack of understanding of this literature from myself), thus
>sending me back to this litterature for explanations just closes the loop,
>and I think I will stop circling round.

Perhaps the best way to address this problem is to apply the method. I can
answer specific questions at the point where there is a perceived problem.

>Looks like I am now putting Peter an John "in the same bag" some way, to
>their great astonishment...

Everyone is in the same bag of one kind or another.

>  "ecological screening" is one on the commonest implicit assumptions in
> historical biogeography, which would gain to be explicit and thus open to
> argument and criticism.

I don' think ecological screening is an assumption in panbiogeography.

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