Multiple taxonomic views (was Re: Ungarbled version)

Nozomi Ytow nozomi at BIOL.TSUKUBA.AC.JP
Sat Oct 13 12:02:26 CDT 2001

> Richard's system allows for certain complexities of classifications.
> But go *beyond* that level of the hierarchy. It is not uncommon - and
> anyone who works routinely with classifications knows this - for a
> single author's definitive work to cover several ranks
> simultaneously, such that their circumscriptions are interdependent.

Following papers may give an idea:

Berendsohn WG (1995) The Concept of Potential Taxa in Databases.
Taxon 44: 207-212.

Berendsohn WG (1997) A taxonomic information model for botanical
databases: the IOPI Model. Taxon 46: 283-309.

Pullan MR, Watson MF, Kennedy JB, Raguenaud C, Hyam R. (2000)
The Prometheus Taxonomic Model: a practical approach to representing
multiple classifications. Taxon 49: 55-75.

Ytow, N, Morse DR, Roberts DM. (2001) Nomencurator: a nomenclatural
history model to handle multiple taxonomic views. Biological Journal
of Linnean Society 73(1):81-98


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