names and numbers

Wed Oct 17 12:10:05 CDT 2001

Robin Panza wrote:

> Now what?  Some collections may accept the new name and assign the new
> number to those of their specimens that agree with the description.
> Other curators don't accept the new name and keep the old number for
> all their specimens.  There goes the utility of the numbers.

Okay, so this would cause *some* problems with *some* taxa.  It
does *not* destroy the tremendous utility of numbers in a large
collection for most taxa.  For that matter, the above described
situation doesn't actually completely negate the utility of numbers
even in that situation.  Most people will (eventually) *know* about
the newly described "taxon", even if their institution chooses not to
accept it.  It can still be assigned a unique number.  The only real
problem would be if an institution does *not* know about this new
"taxon", and, when requesting to see series of the original taxon
does not get to see the separated out but only locally accepted
newly described "taxon" in another collection.


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