Handbook for insects collectors."

Vr. Richard Bejsak-Colloredo-Mansfeld ricardo at ANS.COM.AU
Thu Oct 18 20:24:35 CDT 2001

George Hangay announced that he just started compiling a new book about
and different set up (preparation techniques) including relaxing and storage
specimens, what seems to me very interesting and useful idea.

If George H. is an Editor, why not to help him and add some interesting
techniques under YOUR name?
Why not to discuss what can be inside....
what chapters.. what we missing in others books and Handbooks. Lets go to
start with compiling the Index...

Even I will feel that " Handbook for insect collectors" will be a nice
Therefore I just created myself what I like to have inside.... as index:

Index for   "Handbook for insects collectors."

    Where to collect insects?
    How to collect insects?
    Traps and trapping techniques?
    Basic and special equipment for collecting.
    Special collecting techniques for larvae, caterpillars and pupae.
    How to store unprepared and freshly collected material.
    Entomologist Diary.

Locality, GPS, maps etc.

Preparation - Setting up
    Preparation - Flea (microscopic preparation)
    Preparation - Beetle
    Preparation - Butterfly
    Preparation larvae and caterpillars

Useful recipes
    Kohle etc.

    What do you need.
    How big has to be collection.
    Buying and selling
    How to preserving of collections - mould, pests
    How to repair damaged specimens
    How to donate collections or surplus specimens..

Index of Insects in "ordo" level. (look bottom of this message)

Alphabetical list of Museums with four letter code.
Useful websites.


SAMPLE from Index of Insects:

(jumping plantlice,echte Blattflöhe,..name in Eng.,Germ,

Where: On flowers and plants, bushes and trees
How: Sweeping of the plants and shaking specimens to beating sheet
Preparation: as a fly. killing by 80% alcohol (for transferring specimens we
use tip of the wet brush or wet top of fine tweezers by alcohol). For
"transparency?" use 10% KOH. Important for study of Psyl. is wings. Wings
can be mounted as dry microscopic praeparatus.
Do not use chlorhydrate media.

Maybe even that could be good idea to have CD ROM or DVD attached to book.
On CD can be techniques as preparation as short film etc.

Keep care and be of good cheer.


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