More on Biogeographic memory

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Thu Oct 18 09:50:16 CDT 2001

>Why then did you pick the word "synapomorphy"? Possibly other words would
>have conveyed your meaning more unproblematically...

Synapomorphy because the baseline provides a uniquely shared character for
the distributions crossing it.

>>Actually the Indian Ocean is a geomorphological feature.
>>>you can expect to find the a single consistent pattern - if it is not, you
>>>may find different general patterns involving the northern and the
>>>southern part...
>>No problem.
>But that does not answer my problem - I am afraid that by "lumping" all
>tracks under a single "Indian ocean" baseline, you will never be able to
>find different general patterns.

Yes one may simply by examining the spatial geometry of those tracks with
an Indian Ocean baseline.

John Grehan

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