CHSC herbarium database on-line

Janeway, Lawrence LJaneway at CSUCHICO.EDU
Mon Oct 22 15:20:02 CDT 2001

The Biological Sciences Herbarium at California State University, Chico
(CHSC) announces that the database of label information for 17,000 of its
82,000 plant specimens is now query-able via our web site.  Databasing is
actively proceeding thanks to a grant from NSF and the web site will be
updated every 2-4 weeks to make more data available for query.  For now,
queries are based only on species name; other query parameters will be added
later (and can be performed by request in the herbarium now).  CHSC is the
most complete repository of plant specimens from northern California, and
especially from northeastern California.  A list of plant families and other
groups that have been completely databased, plus those in progress, is
available on the web site.  The herbarium also houses a significant
collection of slime molds (about 12,000 specimens), although databasing of
these has not yet begun.  Any feedback is much appreciated.

Lawrence Janeway, Curator
Biological Sciences Herbarium (CHSC)
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0515
(530) 898-5381
LJaneway at

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