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Sydney Cameron scameron at LIFE.UIUC.EDU
Tue Oct 23 16:37:43 CDT 2001

Graduate Student Research Assistantship

A Research Assistantship is available for a graduate student
interested in molecular phylogenetics and morphology.  Equal emphases
will be given to training in both of these areas of phylogenetic

The specific research will involve construction of a worldwide
species phylogeny and data base of the bumble bees (Bombus).  The
student will be part of a research project funded in collaboration
with the Natural History Museum, London (Paul Williams: Bombus
morphology and phylogenetic inference, mating systems, biodiversity:
developer of WorldMap) and the U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
(Sydney Cameron: molecular systematics, behavioral evolution,
Neotropical bees).

Applicants with a strong interest in the breadth of systematics are
encouraged to apply.  This is a research training grant in
systematics but does not exclude those with prior experience and
interest in evolution and biodiversity.  Preference will be given to
students interested in working on the systematics and behavior of
bees.  Applicants with a background in systematics, genetics,
computer applications, biodiversity and conservation or tropical
biology are encouraged to apply.  The project will involve field
collection in Nepal/Himalayan China and specific regions of the Alps
and the integration of molecular and morphological research.

Graduate student support for research and a monthly salary stipend
are available for the tenure of the student's PhD program.

The University of Illinois has one of the leading programs in
Entomology, both the Dept. of Entomology and the Illinois Natural
History Survey.  Interdisciplinary strengths include programs in
Systematics, Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution.  UIUC also has an
outstanding group of researchers working in tropical biology.  The
University of Illinois is an equal opportunity employer.

Sydney Cameron
Dept. of Entomology
301 Morrill Hall
505 S. Goodwin Ave.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL 61801

Ph: 217-333-2340
Fax: 217 244-3499
e-mail: scameron at

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