INTKEY SET MATCH bug/undocumented behavior

Joseph H. Kirkbride, Jr. jkirkbri at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Wed Oct 24 11:47:01 CDT 2001

Since no one else has commented on Una's e-mail, I will take a crack at
it.  I do not think that what happened when Una used SET MATCH U E or
SET MATCH I E versus SET MATCH E U or SET MATCH E I is a bug in the
program.  In the INTKEY documentation, it states, "SET MATCH E specifies
that two sets of values match only if they are identical."  For example,
if you want to know which taxa have only character state 1 of character 6
(6,1), then INTKEY will have remaining the taxa with 6,1 and NOT those
taxa with 6,1/2 or 6,2 or with 6 uncoded (unknown) or coded U, V, or -.
An exact match means that you are looking for the taxa coded in a
particular way.  It is illogical to look for the taxa coded only and
exactly for character state 1 of character 6 AND for the taxa uncode for
character 6.

I assumed that the use of E with SET MATCH caused I U S O to be turned off
for logical reasons and the use of I U S O causes E to be turned off for
similar logical reasons.  I verified my assumption by using the SET MATCH
buttin in Advanced Mode.  In INTKEY go to Advanced Mode, and several new
buttons appear above the character listing in the upper lefthand pane.
One of those has an equals sign with a dot above and below it.  Click on
that button, and the SET MATCH menu will appear.  When you click the box
next to Exact, the checks (or activitions) are removed from the
Inapplicables, Unknowns, Subset and Overlap boxes.  Also clicking the
Subset box will deactivate the Overlap and Exact boxes, and clicking
the Overlap box will deactivate the Subset and Exact boxes.

My guess is that Una was using the command line rather than the SET MATCH
menu.  The SET MATCH menu should be experimented with to see how SET MATCH
functions before using it strictly from the command line.

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