Fwd: ECN Preregistration and call for volunteers

Mark A. Metz mmetz at LIFE.UIUC.EDU
Mon Oct 29 13:31:08 CST 2001

>From: Doug Yanega <dyanega at pop.ucr.edu>
>Subject: ECN Preregistration and call for volunteers
>THIS IS A RE-SENDING: Due to some miscommunication, I didn't get the bulk
>of the ECN e-mail list when I sent this out the first time. Apologies if
>you received this twice, though it shouldn't be the case.
>Please make sure that your students and colleagues know about these
>meetings. They can have their name added to the ECN mailing list by
>contacting JimWoolley at tamu.edu.
>Entomological Collections Network, 2001 Meetings
>Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA
>December 8-9, 2001  (all day Saturday and till noon Sunday
>                      with a private reception 6-8:30 pm in
>                      Charlie's Sports Bar)
>Tentative Program (major sessions):
>1) Computer Resources: Authority Files and Specimen Databasing (Symposium)
>2) The All Species Foundation (Terry Erwin)
>3) Specimen Handling and Curation Techniques in Backlog Material (Symposium)
>4) ECN: Are we where we want to be? (Chris Thompson & Jim Woolley)
>5) [tentative] possible ECN website and/or curation techniques manual
>FOR PREREGISTRATION, GO TO http://entmuseum9.ucr.edu/entmus/ECN.pdf
>HELP!!!! We are looking for some VOLUNTEERS to help with the Backlog
>Symposium (#3).
>We hope to focus topics for this symposium/panel discussion on curation
>standards and management of backlog material.
>    Suggested topics:    - labels in alcohol
>                         - stoppers and storage containers
>                         - preservative fluids and storage environment
>                         - databasing stored backlog and genetic vouchers
>                         - management of backlog material (tracking)
>                         - sorting centers and the farming out of material
>We need VOLUNTEERS to survey for a range of opinions or present just one
>dogmatic point of view (better yet, actual controlled experimentation to
>compare techniques). In particular, for a session on preservative fluids,
>we could use someone willing to present different options for preserving
>different insects or life stages (with emphasis on bulk material), and
>possibly those options that may or may not be good for DNA preservation.
>We all have backlog (for some of us, far worse than others), and we feel
>this is an important topic for group discussion. Talks do not need to be
>long (10-15 minutes) and we hope to focus more on a panel discussion of
>techniques. We are thinking of fluid preserved material, but we would
>welcome someone to discuss other types of backlog.
>ALSO, does anyone have any firm information on the perils, correct use or
>status of Vapona and Napthalene as preservatives in insect collections.
>This seems like a relevant talk for a science-based update (if there is
>such a thing).
>We hope to issue a more formal program in early October. Suggestions for
>other venues are always welcome.
>Please contact:
>Doug Yanega - dyanega at pop.ucr.edu / (909) 787-4315
>Serguei Triapitsyn - serguei.triapitsyn at ucr.edu / (909) 787-4385
>John Heraty [after September 20] - john.heraty at ucr.edu / (909) 787-6351
>Hi, all. Having just seen this announcement:
>"The next Species 2000 Project Team and TDWG meetings will be hosted by
>the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, NSW, 4-6 November 2001, as part of a
>series of meetings organised in the Sydney and Canberra areas, known as
>the 'Biodiversity Knowledge Management Forum', and on whose site further
>details may be found
>The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the Australian Museum will host a
>stimulating set of workshops, symposia and meetings in November 2001 on
>the general theme of biodiversity informatics, particularly relating to
>the building blocks for the Catalogue of Life: taxonomic databases for
>species and specimens, their data standards, interoperability and
>availability electronically."
>It's obvious the latter would tie in very nicely with the planned ECN
>symposium on Authority Files and Databases. Is there *anyone* in ECN who
>will be attending this meeting in Sydney, and able to give a report at the
>ECN meeting in San Diego?? Please contact me if so. If there are no ECN
>members who are involved in TDWG, etc., maybe this is something else to
>put on the table for the scheduled "Where are we going?" discussion (i.e.,
>why aren't entomologists represented adequately in these ostensibly
>"all-taxon" mega-projects).

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