identification/voucher fee?

Soowon Cho soowon at TRUT.CHUNGBUK.AC.KR
Wed Oct 31 10:37:45 CST 2001

Dear members,

Does anyone know of a museum or institution that receives voucher fee or
identification fee for insect specimens?  If there was a discussion on
this issue, would you please let me know it?

The reason I ask this is because of our current grant contract between
the government and many insect systematists in my country.  The
government people simply think difficulty of identifying insects is same
as that of doing plants.  Furthermore, photographing plant specimens is
same as doing insect specimens in difficulty, even for very small
insects.  Therefore, in making specimen information database that
includes taxonomic identification, collection locality, photographs of
minimum three images of a specimen, and several other
biological/ecological informations, they allocated the same amount of
money to do such works as in plant specimen database that included
similar information but with only one photograph.  I am not saying plant
systematics is easy.  But at least there are some difficulties involved
in working with insects that are hard to identify and are difficult to
take macro images, and I just want a fair comparison.

I need other institutions' general rules in charging identification fee
for insects as well as plants.  I wish I can ask the government-side for
a fair amount of fee.  In addition, I have once heard that an
identification fee of a specimen varies in how difficult the species to
identify, and that simple identification fee is different from a full?
identification fee with vouchering or assuring?  If you know of any
information on this issue or have an opinion on it, please let me know. 
Thank you in advance.


์กฐ ์ˆ˜ ์›
Cho, Soowon

Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural Biology
Chungbuk National University
Cheongju, 361-763

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