Myriostoma coliforme

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Dear taxacomers,

I got a lot of responses to my question regarding the distribution and
rarity of Myriostoma coliforme and I would like to thank all those who
gave me information: Philippe Clerck, Sigvard Svensson, Roy Halling, Rod
Tulloss, Vera Evenson, André De Kesel, Florence Nishida and Vladimir
Together with some information I could gather on the web, I obtained the
following picture:
Canada: Ontario
USA: Florida (Lake Charles), Ohio, New Mexico, Hawai’i (Mamane Naio),
probably Colorado and Dakota
Mexico: Vera Cruz
Germany (Redlisted): Darmstadt, Baden Württemberg, Mecklenburg
Netherlands: North Sea dunes
Great Britain: Jersey (rediscovered February 1996 by Nick Armstrong)
Sweden (Redlisted): Södermanland
Italy: Sicily
Switzerland: extinct (last find in Chiasso, 1949)
Czech Republic: Bohemia, Southern Moravia
Slovakia: five localities in Southern Slovakia, one in Eastern Slovakia
Spain: Catalunya (Baix Empordà)
South Africa: Cape province
I placed my photographs of a Spanish specimen on the following URL

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