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Thu Apr 4 07:48:21 CST 2002

I like Harry Gleason's comments about Rafinesque -- he had more varieties
than Heinz!  I don't know about his other Genera, but that is certainly
true in the Trilliums that he named.  I think he must be very like E.L. Greene.

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>From: Curtis Clark <jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU>
>Subject:      E.L. Greene
>At 10:47 AM 4/3/02, Richard Jensen wrote:
>>In defense of E.L. Greene, many of his taxa are still "good" species and some
>>that were consigned to synonymy have been "resurrected."
>I had been thinking about that, too; one of my study subjects is
>Eschscholzia, a genus of fifteen species and subspecies, and more than one
>hundred synonyms, most of Greene's coinage. But of the fifteen accepted
>names, seven are Greene's, and were I to find something new, I'd need to
>look at Greene's types to make sure it wasn't already named.
>Greene was exceedingly good at seeing difference (and quite poor at
>recognizing similarity). In hindsight, his was a shotgun approach, but even
>with a shotgun (*especially* with a shotgun), some of the pellets find the

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