Sandra Dhooge Sandra.Dhooge at RUG.AC.BE
Thu Apr 4 17:08:39 CST 2002

Dear all,

For my PhD (Systematics of Andean scirpoids, Cyperaceae) I'm looking for some important type specimens of Scirpus hieronymii (Boeckeler), Isolepis atacamensis Philippi and Scirpus gaimardioides (Desv.) Svenson. I contacted several herbaria but they don't answer or the specimens are not there. The original publications do not mention a herbarium or collecting number.
Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Sandra Dhooge
Department of Biology
Ghent University
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
9000 GENT (Belgium)
Tel. (+32) 09/264.50.72

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