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Thu Apr 4 17:36:07 CST 2002

     You just need to change "oeh" to "oeb".  If I recall correctly, oeb
stands for organismic and evolutionary biology):
    dmiddlet at
>From: "Dixon, Dale" <Dale.Dixon at PLMBAY.PWCNT.NT.GOV.AU>
>Reply-To: "Dixon, Dale" <Dale.Dixon at PLMBAY.PWCNT.NT.GOV.AU>
>Subject: contact
>Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 07:36:25 +0930
>I'm trying to contact David Middleton who was/is at the herbarium at
>Harvard.  Can anyone give me a current email address for David as the one I
>have dmiddlet at keeps bouncing.
>Thanks in advance.
>Dr Dale Dixon
>Taxonomic Botanist
>Parks & Wildlife Service
>Dept. Infrastructure, Planning, & Environment
>P.O. Box 496
>Palmerston   0831
>ph  +61 08  89994512
>fax +61 08 89994527

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