University of Iowa Herbarium: A New Web Site

Diana Horton diana-horton at UIOWA.EDU
Mon Apr 1 10:21:30 CST 2002

The University of Iowa Herbarium announces a new web site:

Collections tend to be obscure institutional resources of which not only
the public, but also the university community, are generally unaware, and
the value of which is overlooked.  Therefore, this web site is designed to
be useful to professionals, but also to serve as an educational and
outreach tool for the university community and the people of Iowa.  In
addition to providing basic information on herbaria, collections, and their
uses, its purpose is to highlight the multifaceted resource this Herbarium
represents; the pivotal role of this collection in the historical
development of the Biological Sciences at this University; and the
practical application of plant collections' data as documentation for
endangered species legislation.  The web site includes an interactive
database of all state listings of endangered and threatened plant species
from 1977 to the present.

I particularly appreciate the helpful advice from numerous TAXACOM
subscribers regarding web site programs and converting slides to web images!

Diana Horton
Director and Curator, University of Iowa Herbarium
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

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