Science and Creationism

John R. Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Tue Apr 2 16:14:30 CST 2002

>>eliminate historical sciences such as biogeography where interpretations
>>are not testable by observation and experimentation since the observations
>>themselves are given meaning by the interpretation and there is no
>>"experimentation" in the usual meaning of the term.
>Unless one was to embrace cladistic biogeography ;)

The 'usual' meaning of the term experimentation I understood was that of
physical manipulation to test theoretical propositions. Cladistic
biogeography does not carry out experiments in this sense, but perhaps
there is another sense that would come under the concept of experimentation
referred to by the Academy that would be applicable to cladistic and even
other forms of biogeography (in which case I would certainly withdraw my

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