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This is beginning to get more than a little silly, but if Rec 24B.2 were to
be a Rule (as in the case suggested), then Art 52.2.e would definitely
apply. Speaking hypothetically.

Anyway Art 52 does not speak of "at the same rank" and certainly not in

Paul van Rijckevorsel

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> Well, I know I said this should stop, but this message had to be
> refuted!  The species name would not be illegitimate under Art. 52, since
> that would only pertain to an epithet AT THE SAME RANK.  Publishing a
> species name with a varietal name cited in synonymy cannot affect the
> validity of the species name.
> M.A. Vincent
> At 04:46 PM 4/3/2002 +0200, Dipteryx wrote:
> This is a technicality only, but citing the variety as synonym will make
> the new name illegitimate (Art 52.2.e). I suppose the thing to do is
> a new species and later be surprised that the variety is synonymous. But
> then,alas, it will be too late!
> Best, Paul van Rijckevorsel
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> Let's say it was in the Code, that Rec. 24B.2 was a Rule.
> To get around it, to in effect change the epithet upon changing rank,
> I simply describe a new species, based on its own type, and cite the
> variety as a synonym.  Now, instead of one nomenclatural entity, we have
> each typified by its own type.  Perhaps some see that as good and proper,
> each epithet with a type, or perhaps others see it as an unneccessary
> proliferation.  I can see both viewpoints, frankly.
>Whatever the case, it would STILL be possible to change the epithet
> upon changing rank if the Recommendation was a Rule.  Only by deleting the
> Rule that says names have priority only within a rank could you get around
> it, and THAT would cause nomenclatural chaos of Biblical proportions.
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