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Do you think it is ethical to (even if  ICBN permits) describe as New Species when a taxon (which you relegate to synonymy) has already been typified and described (no matter at different rank) and epithet could be transferred at specific rank without being rendered as later homonym or illegitimate otherwise?
With so many different opinions and approaches I think Botanical Code needs to be properly worded to help such situations. The purpose of Code is to ensure uniform interpretation and practice.  
Gurcharan Singh  
Thomas G. Lammers, Ph.D. wrote

>To get around it, to in effect change the epithet upon changing rank, I
>simply describe a new species, based on its own type, and cite the variety
>as a synonym.  Now, instead of one nomenclatural entity, we have two, each
>typified by its own type.  

Gerry Moore Wrote
>> ICBN permits
>>(but does not recommend) the replacement of a name of a taxon when its rank
>>is changed.

>>Summary of when a nom. nov. may be used in botanical nomenclature

>>1. To replace a name that is illegitimate. This is common.

>>2. To replace a name whose epithet cannot be transferred without creating an
>>illegitimate name. This is common.

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