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I'm not sure how to interpret "ethics" when dealing with something as
peripheral to human existence as botanical nomenclature.  It seems to
demean the word to apply it to something lkike this.

That said, I think the reason the ICBN leaves some latitude in this matter
is that it is recognized that sometimes there is a good reason to do so,
e.g., to avoid having Delissea parvifolia when there is already a Delissea

At 09:48 PM 4/4/02 +0530, you wrote:
>Do you think it is ethical to (even if  ICBN permits) describe as New
>Species when a taxon (which you relegate to synonymy) has already been
>typified and described (no matter at different rank) and epithet could be
>transferred at specific rank without being rendered as later homonym or
>illegitimate otherwise?

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