Science and Creationism

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Thu Apr 4 21:31:05 CST 2002

Technically, one cannot make predictions about the present. One can
>causally account for what is observed in the present by what might have
>occurred in the past, but this is retrodiction, not prediction. All
>predictions are of what might be experienced in the future.

Croizat made novel predictions about the existence of tectonic structures
in the present that had not already been 'observed' so he was not making
predictions of what might be experienced in the future unless one could say
that he was predicting a future empirical discovery also.

>Testing, experimental or historical, is the means by which scientists
>evaluate theories and hypotheses. If that occurs outside the realm of
>"science" that does not diminish the fundamental utility of that process
>for scientists.

Agreed. However it shows that testing of itself is problematic as a
demarkation criterion between 'science' and 'non-science'.

John Grehan

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