subsequent designation of paratypes

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And WHO cares?

Types are nomenclatural anchors. The ICZN clearly states this and regulates
only Holotype, Lectotype, Neotype and Syntypes (and yes, those
Hapantotypes). Allotypes and Paratypes have nothing to do with nomenclature
and are nothing more than glorified vouchers. So, why worry whether they are
"paratypes" or not, the important issue is that they are VOUCHERs identified
by the original author. Be sure to label them as such.


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> > ...given the definitions in the ICZN, I would think
> > these would be paratypes, despite the fact they were not mentioned in
> > first paper where the species was named.
>         Am I correct? - Barry
> No.
> Paratypes are specimens of a type series other than the holotype. The
> series contains those specimens explicitly included by the author -
> or by bibliographic reference. If the author mentions only a holotype
> will be no paratypes.
> Thomas Pape
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A second No - and ditto.

Ron Gatrelle
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