why can't i

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First of all, the answer is "Cuz!" or "Just cuz!"
I do have a picture of two beautiful African lubber grasshoppers "doing it",
and two ladybird beetles "doing it".  Will these pix suffice?  Both are in
color.  And, I have a picture, poor that it is, of a pair of Pardosa wolf
spiders "doing it".  I have a picture of two wingless "Belgica antarctica"
chironomid flies "doing it", too (see Scientific Amerian issue on Antarctica
about 1962-62 or so).
The late George Holland, the Canadian flea specialist, saw fleas doing it -
and I think he had either a photo or a drawing of a pair of fleas mating
(the flea penis is about 9 or more times as long as the flea itself).  He
called it "Micropornography".
You will have trouble with bees cuz they do it up in the air.  The event is
short-lived, and the male literally comes apart.
Robin Leech
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> we all know that:
> "birds do it"
> "bees do it"
> "even educated fleas do it"
> so why can i not get any photographic evidence that bees and flees do do
> it for my porn door collage for the front door of the bugcloset????
> help out you folks. please --  i can not download and print on this
> widget so it be sent by snail-mail.
> thanks, cheers!
> rof
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