Limiting Daily Postings

Peter Rauch peterr at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Apr 5 08:19:17 CST 2002

Dear Taxacom-ers,
You'll recall that I asked for "votes" on whether to limit the
number of daily postings to Taxacom, changing the current limit
of 25/day to less, or more. (The current daily limit per person
is three.)

I stated that unless I got at least forty votes for one or
another change, I would not make any change.

It took a while for the voting to dwindle away, and there were
almost equal numbers of votes for each of "more", "no change",
and "less". But, there were not 40 votes for any of those

So, we'll continue with the daily limit of 25 postings.


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