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At 08:35 AM 4/5/02 -0500, John Grehan wrote:
>I would respectfully disagree with this assertion in that Croizat was
>demonstrably not constrained in this way. As a historical scientist,
>working with a historical science (panbiogeography) he was clearly able to
>predict the existence of patterns that were then unknown. The fact that he
>was able to predict these patterns (since empirically corroborated) lends
>credence to those historical processes he identified as being involved with
>the formation of the pattern (in this case he predicted tectonic/geological
>formations, then unknown to geologists, using animal and plant
>distributions on the basis of a 'theoretical' model of biological evolution
>derived from geographic pattern analysis).

I find it impossible to find out which predictions by Croizat you are
talking about. With over 10.000 pages to thumb through, can you give
chapter and verse?

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