Science and Creationism: predictions

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Mon Apr 8 08:22:38 CDT 2002

>I find it impossible to find out which predictions by Croizat you are
>talking about. With over 10.000 pages to thumb through, can you give
>chapter and verse?

Fortunately (for those not so inclined) one does not have to thumb through
all 10,000 pages as others have already done so. Some examples of Croizat's
novel predictions are in:

Craw, R. C., and P. Weston. 1984. Panbiogeography: a progressive research
programme? Systematic Zoology 33: 1-13.

Page, R. 1987. Graphs and generalized tracks: quantifying Croizat's
panbiogeography. Systematic Zoology 36: 1-17.

These are not necessarily the only papers referring to novel predictions,
but they will provide a start. I even referred to a novel tectonic
prediction in the Galapagos paper - at least as far as I know it was novel
(Croizat 1958 predicted the existence of a major tectonic feature at the
Galapagos - a prediction later corroborated by geologists as the Galapagos
spreading center).

This issue of novel predictions is something that panbiogeographic
opponents have not yet addressed as far as I am aware. These predictions
show that philosophical objections aside, the method does work, and in this
respect it seems to work better than the competing research programs
(Darwinian dispersalism, and Darwinian vicariance). Well, at least I'm
giving myself plenty of rope in making this assertion.

John Grehan

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