Academy of Sciences book

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Mon Apr 8 10:36:12 CDT 2002

More about the human origin presentation in the Academy book.

p. 29.

"Because we share a recent common ancestor with chimpanzees and gorillas,
we have many anatomical, genetic, biochemical, and even behavioral
similarities with these African great apes"

According to Schwartz (1988) the distribution of synapomorphies appears to
be as follows:

Chimp-gorilla  17 shared characters
African ape-human 14 shared characters
Orangutan-human 36 shared characters

Any primate systematists on this list who may be able to comment?

Schwartz, J. H. 1988. History, morphology, paleontology, and evolution. In
"Orang-utan Biology (J. H. Schwartz ed). New York, Oxford University Press.

John Grehan

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