Oragnutan relationships

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Fri Apr 12 12:27:28 CDT 2002

>> constructing phylogenetic hypotheses.  In any case, regardless of the
>> nature of
>> the data or the form of analysis, one cannot identify a character as a
>> synapomorphy until a phylogenetic hypothesis has been made (i.e., the
>> data
>> have
>> been used to construct a phylogenetic tree).

I've noticed confused over these terms.

Synapomorphies = Derived characters that unite two groups into a
monophyletic group after a phylogenic analysis.

Is there another term for derived characters that are shared between two
groups, before a phylogenic analysis?

Like using the term homology?

Homology = Synapomorphy + Homoplasy??????????????????????

Most texts use these terms interchangably.

Homology = Synapomorphy

However, I always felt that homology was THE same character between two

Homology (truth) = Synapomorphy (hypothesis)

I once got chastized for listing shared derived characters as
synapomorphies, just like the beginning of this trend on Oragnutan
relationships and have always stuck to the saying "shared derived

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