marine aquatic plants

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MON 15 Apr 830a


        As a follow-up to Paul Hargrave's request, I'm taking this opportinity
to remind you that if you find duplicates of seagrass spcimens within
your collections, USCH would be most happy to have them. Or if you
collect specimens in the coming season. Any taxon, any location

        Thanks JOHN

Paul Hargraves wrote:
> taxacomers,
> I am in the midst of analyzing microalgal epiphyte distributions on a
> series of marine aquatic plants from the Indian River Lagoon on the east
> coast of Florida.  Many of the microalgal epiphytes are often described as
> 'cosmopolitan' but it is unclear whether they are widespread historically,
> or are introduced (invasive, exotic, nonindigenous, whatever).[In other
> words, there is perhaps a distinct timeline component to cosmopolitanism].

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