Galapagos Iuridae scorpion outlier

Geoff Read at NIWA.CRI.NZ
Thu Apr 18 12:10:46 CDT 2002

This is a 'matters arising' for John Grehan. I'm curious as to the rationale
behind his treatment of a taxon, and hopefully it will be of wider interest to a
few others. JG's Galapagos paper shows a group of scorpions, the Iuridae,
distributed along the Western side of the Americas. There are  also
apparently some in the Mediterranean. He links the two groups westwards
across the Pacific and Asia, I guess some 200 degrees of longitude roughly
(fig.10 - particularly eyecatching), when a minimum spanning link would be
100  degrees or so eastwards across the Atlantic. Why John?  I realise this
link is presented in the discussion, not the results, is more in the nature of a
speculation, and the alternative is indeed mentioned (but not figured), but
isn't this a violation of the fundamental minimum distance panbiogeographic
technique? Also the Med outlier is not mentioned when earlier the Iuridae
appear as an example of East Pacific tracks in the results.  Maybe the
criteria for degree of relatedness comes in to play here, but there's no
background given on that.  What's the story here?


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