Islands, Science and Creationism

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Wed Apr 17 18:12:18 CDT 2002

At 14:43 2002-04-17, Jim Croft wrote:
>The intersection of this knowledge with quaternary and tertiary climatology
>starts to paint a picture of where the plants could have been and probably
>were, most likely an oscillating or pulsating mosaic in relation to climate

The paleobotanist Dan Axelrod did this for Tertiary western North America,
with mixed success.

At 16:59 2002-04-17, Robert Mesibov wrote:
>If you believe in a
>special creation, then God made all the animals and plants and put them
>just where we find them. There's nothing to explain.

Unless you believe in the Noachian Deluge, in which case you have to
explain how they all got from Ararat to all points of the compass, and why
some of them passed up perfectly good Eurasian habitats to go to the Americas.

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