Reestablishing an exchange program

James macklin macklin at ACNATSCI.ORG
Fri Apr 19 10:10:12 CDT 2002

Hello All,

We are in the beginning stages of processing our large backlog here in the Herbarium of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. The material ranges from local Pennsylvania collections to a large collection of Asian plants.  While processing we have uncovered many duplicates and wish to find good homes for these. Please let us know if you would like to receive duplicates from us and supply preferences regarding geographic region, taxa, etc.

We do not have good records of our historic exchanges with other herbaria and thus cannot simply reestablish an existing program of exchange.  We do not know whom we owe or vice versa, and will accept your records as accurate.

Some of you will be aware that we received funding from the US National Science Foundation to re-house our herbarium specimens, a switch from open-faced wooden shelving on compactors to proper herbarium cabinetry on compactors, and HVAC improvements. This process is going to keep us very busy for the next 6 months and we would therefore request that any exchange material not be sent to us until after this time.

We look forward to hearing from you and to reestablishing an active exchange program. If your herbarium would be interested in doing an exchange with us please correspond directly with me and not the list.



James Macklin Ph. D.
Collection Manager
The Academy of Natural Sciences
Biodiversity Research Group
Botany Department
1900 Ben Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA  19103-1195
Phone: (215) 405-5088
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