Is Mantophasmatodea an order?

pierre deleporte pierre.deleporte at UNIV-RENNES1.FR
Mon Apr 22 17:19:59 CDT 2002

A 17:05 22/04/2002 +0200, Riaan Stals wrote:

>Dear well-informed colleagues, South and North,
>All of which quickly led me to a question I realised I do not know the
>answer of:

Quick answer : forget it. It's considerably much less any something at all
than a "species" can be (which is already highly problematical).

>The authors of Mantophasmatodea "accept the logical merits of [the] stand"
>"naming of higher taxa, which only contain a single genus, is 'empty
>formalism' ". Yet
>they "[p]ragmatically ... believe" that all genera should be assigned to
>families and
>orders. I might "pragmatically" agree (rankless nomenclature not
>considered now),
>but what makes an order?
>For that matter, what makes a family, etcetera?

Pragmatically speaking, it stands hierarchically somewhere below an order
(for order, see above).

Etcetera.   ;-)


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