Galapagos Iuridae scorpion outlier

Geoff Read at NIWA.CRI.NZ
Tue Apr 23 09:52:34 CDT 2002

John Grehan:
> There was no evidence 'discarded' as the Mediterranean record was not
> necessary for describing the East Pacific track - no more, than for
> example, describing a West Coast track within New Zealand for a taxon that
> might otherwise also be present in Australia.

This seems to be confusing the Grehan concept 'The East Pacific Track'
with the starting point - evidence from tracks of individual taxa. Sure one can
zero in on an area, ignoring wider distributions (provided one says & shows
that's what's going on), but, as this was a global analysis of Galapagos links,
that  wasn't what was required - IMHO.

A track connects all the localities of a taxon (authority:  the Craw, Grehan,
Heads book).  The fact that such a track crosses an ocean _should_  make
no difference (amply illustrated by long distance Pacific basin tracks in the
Grehan paper).

John, it would now be useful to know if any of the other  taxa tracks
supporting your three standard track patterns presented have been 'cut off'
geographically in the same way (you see where this leads?). I assume not, I
assume only the Iurids, but apparently it would have been allowable under
the parameters you set for yourself?


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