Is Mantophasmatodea an order? (or plesion?)

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Apr 22 23:15:06 CDT 2002

      Bill, I have good news and bad(?) news.  I recognized your centipede
Order in my 1994 classification, but not sure if you will like the spelling
I used.  As is sometimes done in the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology,
I emended it to Devonobiida.
      As for this new "Order" of insects just discovered, I haven't seen the
paper yet.  However, I suspect that it will probably end up in my Clade 9
(but I prefer to regard the family as a plesion, as I think ordinal status
is premature):

   9  Grylloblattida (ice bugs)
   ?  Plesion Mantophasmatidae
   B  Protelytrida (extinct)
  _a_ Dermapterida (earwigs)
   C  Isopterida (termites)
   D  Blattida (roaches)
  _a_ Manteida (mantids)

       If the new Family (Plesion) Mantophasmatidae is sister group to the
ice bugs, I might be tempted to combine them into a single Order
(Grylloblattida or "Notopterida", take your pick).  But it could branch off
between the ice bugs and the protelytrid-dermapterid clade (or between the
latter clade and the dictyopteran clade 9C+).
       While we are on the subject, I wonder if cladists now tend to favor a
single Order Dictyoptera, rather than splitting the termites, roaches and
mantids into 3 separate orders (as above).  It's beginning to look like
roaches are not only paraphyletic with respect to mantids, but to the
termites as well.  This paraphyly doesn't bother me, but I'm sure it must
bother strict cladists.  But many eclectists would probably prefer keeping
termites and mantids as separate orders.  I simply haven't decided if I will
combine them or not.  But the lepidopterists needn't worry, because I have
no plans to EVER dump butterflies and moths in with the trichopterans (any
more than I plan to ever dump birds in with reptiles).
          ----- Cheers,  Ken Kinman

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