The order Dictyoptera

Bill Shear wshear at EMAIL.HSC.EDU
Tue Apr 23 09:19:53 CDT 2002

On 4/23/02 2:56 AM, "Riaan Stals" <VREHRS at PLANT5.AGRIC.ZA> wrote:

> On 22 Apr 2002 at 23:15, Ken Kinman wrote:
>>        While we are on the subject, I wonder if cladists now tend to
>>        favor a
>> single Order Dictyoptera, rather than splitting the termites, roaches
>> and mantids into 3 separate orders (as above).
> Ken and others,
> There is growing acceptance, at least among those cladistically minded, that
> the
> termites, cockroaches and mantids represent a monophylum, hence considered the
> order Dictyoptera.
> The internal structure of the Dictyoptera is a moot point (especially the
> placement of
> Cryptocercidae = woodroaches), but the following is likely: Blattaria +
> Cryptocercidae
> is sister to Mantodea, with the Isoptera as sister group to that complex.

Are there not some strong arguments for Cryptocercidae + Isoptera?

Bill Shear

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