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Tue Apr 23 17:21:33 CDT 2002

A 09:19 23/04/2002 -0400, Bill Shear wrote:

>>Are there not some strong arguments for Cryptocercidae + Isoptera?

You can check the recent 'Pellens, Grandcoals, Domingois" in Canadian J.
Zoology 80, 2002, p. 350-359.

A classic argumaent in favor of a close affinity between Cryptocercus and
Termites is the presence of symbiotic flagellates in Cryptocercus and
Mastotermes darwiniensis (other termites have no such flagellates). These
flagellates are transmitted by proctodeal trophallaxis in Cryptocercus and
Mastotermes. Also, Cryptocercus has familial habits.

The discovery by Pellens et al. of flagellates in another, phylogenetically
distant wood-eating cockroach (the South American Parasphaeria boleiriana,
Zetoborinae) tends to "downweight" the argument of symbiotic flagellates as
possible synapomorphy: independant association of wood-eating Dictyoptera
with flagellates is demonstrated, and thus cannot be considered an
obligatorily unique feature, a "strong synapomorphy" by itself. Molecular
evidence has been controversial, and is still in progress. Other arguments
are discussed in this paper, which also guides you to the recent
litterature on the topic.


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