swan's paddle

Kent Perkins kperkins at FLMNH.UFL.EDU
Tue Apr 23 17:11:04 CDT 2002

Hi Taxaxom List Members,
The University of Florida Herbarium has received the inquiry below.  Any
ideas as to what this plant might be?

>Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 23:25:04 +0200
>From: Rolf Schubert <Rolf.Schubert at letras.net>
>while aiding my wife in translating Kurlansky's History of Salt into
>German, we stumbled on a name of a plant to which we failed to find a
>German equivalent neither in the dictionaries at hand nor on the web. So
>we kindly ask you if you know the scientific name for the "swan's paddle"
>which seems to be a reed plant having its origin somewhere in Asia; the
>scientific name might help us to find its German name.
>Being grateful for any help you might give us,
>your's sincerely Rolf Schubert

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