Galapagos scorpion and center of origin

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Wed Apr 24 07:52:41 CDT 2002

Geoff Read wrote:

>I thank John Grehan for his tolerance 'under fire' during the scorpion
>thread, it
>being a close examination of one listmember's paper, something perhaps
>best not indulged in too often in this forum.

Perhaps I have a sense of humor after all!

I have no problem with the close critique. After all I have not been
reluctant to critique
other papers in a similar manner. I know full well that papers I write are
not going to be
perfect, and there will be flaws or limitations according to the method I
use or my
understanding of that method.The same probably goes for any other author's
Some of these constraints may well be simply one of perspective. For some
a particular item may be a critical flaw, for others it might not. Even
Humphries recently
noted that defining areas of endemism is still problematic, and even though
this is a fundamental
unit of analysis for area cladistics it hasn't stopped him or any other
vicariance cladist
from using the method.

>I don't think views have changed
>but we might score it a win win, with hopefully some reciprocal illumination
>as the outcome.

Agreed. I appreciate the thought that Geoff and others have put into their
critique as it brings to attention questions or points that may be helpful
in future publications. In science it appears to be a matter of human
nature that one's 'opponents' may sometimes be one's best 'friend'. The
only time this is not the case is where opponents engage in suppression and
ridicule - the perennial
diseases of scientific activity. Crikey - this reads like a sermon. I must
be getting old.

John Grehan

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