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Dear Thomas:

Thanks for the answer about the citation of type fragments. Although I have
also referred to the fragments as such, just today I found that according to
the Code, (Art. 8.3, example 5) we should treat them as isotypes. See text
below, taken from:
Ex. 5. The holotype specimen of Eugenia ceibensis Standl., Yuncker & al.
8309, is mounted on a single herbarium sheet at F. A fragment was removed
from the specimen subsequent to its designation as holotype and is now
conserved in LL. The fragment is mounted on a herbarium sheet along with a
photograph of the holotype and is labeled "fragment of type!". The fragment
is no longer part of the holotype specimen because it is not permanently
conserved in the same herbarium as the holotype. Such fragments have the
status of a duplicate, i.e. an isotype.



Note: My apologies to those who already knew about this issue.

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