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Please pardon duplication.

This project is relevant to this list since the system is based on
XML-based markup and search support of flora.

Bryan Heidorn
          BOTANY 2002

Training and Focus Group
Biological Information Retrieval Environment (BIBE)
for searching The Flora of North America

Wednesday, August 7 at 8:15-10:30 AM
Steenbock Library, UW - Madison

We are conducting experiments designed to better understand the features of
information retrieval systems that help people locate floristic
information. We need ten volunteers.

Earn $50.00 for participating in an approximately 2.5-hour session!
Participation involves working through a training session, completing brief
questionnaires, several plant identification tasks and a discussion group.

Qualified subjects
o must be familiar with botanical terminology
o must have experience with vascular plants
o must be native English speakers
o may be novices at using visual information retrieval
interfaces (i.e. no experience necessary)

If you are interested in participating,
call Dr. Lesley Deem at (217) 333-7123
or e-mail l-deem at
and say you are signing-up for the BIBE training.

Principal investigator:
Dr. P. Bryan Heidorn
pheidorn at
(217) 244-7792
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Research supported by NSF)

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