Sean Edwards mzfses at MAIL1.MCC.AC.UK
Wed Aug 14 09:51:26 CDT 2002

Can anybody please help me on the identification of an Indian
spice sold packeted in the UK as "Dagarful".

It is a foliose lichen, black underneath with black simple or
sparsely branched rhizinae (sometimes with fragments of bark still
attached), and white-grey above, no fruit but with surface
"erumpent" soralia (pustules), or sometimes swollen sorediate
margins (maybe two species, but otherwise very similar). Evidently
harvested in some quantity.

The associated condimental moss appears to be a species of
Acrocryphaea (or similar) which might indicate a source other than
India (Madagascar?) although the packet clearly states "Product of
India", and "Packed in Jamnagar, India"

I have contacted the (very helpful) distributors, who don't know what
it is. All literature and web searches failed.

Thanks, Sean

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