Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Wed Aug 28 13:43:06 CDT 2002

>Hello all.
>I just signed up to ask a question.  I'm interested in doing some
>molecular phylogenetics on the velvet ant genus Dasymutilla, is
>anyone familiar with the group?  I'd love to get specimens of any of
>the thirty or so North American and Neotropical species if anyone has
>access to them.  Any and all information would be appreciated.

The main man for North American Dasymutilla is Don Manley
<dmanley at CLEMSON.EDU>
at the Clemson University Pee Dee Res. & Educ. Center in South Carolina.

We may have a few specimens in EtOH here at UCR (we do extensive
sampling for hymenoptera), though most of the large non-Parasitica
aren't kept in alcohol for very long. However, I can try to ensure
that any that we get over the next year or so get pickled and put
aside, or at least have a leg yanked off (others on the list can
vouch for my willingness to supply material for sequencing).


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