Article 8.1.1 of ICZN

Steve at Steve at
Thu Aug 1 09:55:40 CDT 2002

Here's a crazy thought.  How about setting up a taxonomic registration
system and require all new names be submitted to it before they become

No wait, that would make it too simple - if it's not in the list then it
doesn't count.  It would take away all the fun of trying to figure out if
something is a "publication" or not and spending those long hours at the
library trying to track down obscure journals.  Besides, it would be too
hard to set up such a system.  You'd have to make a database and connect it
to a web site.  You'd also have to convince the taxonomic community that it
was really in their best interest and would actually save them time and
effort.  No, it would never work.  I mean, just look at GenBank, a total
waste of time and effort.  No lessons for us there.

Now, where did I put my quill pen and parchment, must be around here
someplace, let me just light this candle and maybe I can find them.

Yours in the dark ages.

Steve Shattuck

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