article 8.1.1. ICZN and registration

Thu Aug 1 16:58:56 CDT 2002

Dear all,

Thanks to Christian, Hendrik and all others, who response on my last post
(Article 8.1.1 of ICZN).

1)I believe that the discussion on the registration of a new name don't solve
the problem of poor descriptions in hobby-journals. Currently there is a case
of a person, who publish one species by the next in hobby-journals in a very
poor way. He never even give a serious diagnosis, nor even compare his 'new'
species with most similar next one. He published new names on species even he
know that there is already an article submitted to scientific journals by
other researcher. Sometime he is very inpatient that he like to publish the
very same article in two different hobby-journals in the same year. I don't
like to accept his newest species, since the journal where the description is
published, use to say by itself that this journal is published for hobbyist.
What do you think about my plan to damn this description by article 8.1.1.
ICZN and to call the community not to use this taxon name (to protect that it
is not become available by use)? Or how such behaviour can be stopped?

2) The registration of new species is not necessary, if all would use the
ICZN and all recommendations carefully. And in my point of view its dangerous
too, since it could be that a clique may reject all taxa, which are published
by persons who are not a member of the group.


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