article 8.1.1. ICZN and registration

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> What do you think about my plan to damn this description by article
> ICZN and to call the community not to use this taxon name (to protect
that it
> is not become available by use)? Or how such behaviour can be stopped?

I would think that such informal and sloppy "descriptions" would stop
themselves as they likely fail to meet other aspects of the Code - like
proper descriptions (required phraseology and terms) and depositions of
type specimens.

There is a problem when people _produce_ published materials that do not
meet the codes.  But I also think there is a problem (how big I do not
know) with folks who _accept_ these products without measuring them against
the codes.   The author, publisher,  place of type deposition, researchers,
everyone should be aware of some of the most basic requirements of the
codes.   This is what I see you doing - trying to be responsible after the
fact of "publication" by assessing that which was produced against the

Ron Gatrelle

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