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Nigel Robinson nrobinson at YORK.BIOSIS.ORG
Fri Aug 2 12:22:00 CDT 2002

In reply to the recent message regarding hobbyist journals, I should
explain the Zoological Record indexing policy and the Index to
Organism Names database.

As with all new names, BIOSIS makes every effort to index new names
published in hobbyist journals or indeed any type of publication in
Zoological Record.  However, this type of publication is less central
to ZR's overall coverage, which is aimed at the professional
zoologist, and while some more popular publications are known to
contain new taxa, and are therefore monitored, a small number may
escape coverage.  We estimate that well over 90% of all new names are
captured in ZR and would encourage authors or readers of publications
where the small number of omitted new names occur to forward
notification or review copies to BIOSIS for indexing at:

Coverage Group
54 Micklegate
United Kingdom
Email: helpdesk at

Since 1997 when it was proposed that Zoological Record played a role in a
new names register, BIOSIS have provided a free web based look up service
for names indexed in Zoological Record.  Moss, Fungus, Bacteria and Algae
names were also added from partner databases. This was created as a proof
of concept and as such has not been updated recently.  We are currently
working on updating the database and will then maintain it with regular
updates going forward. We hope to also update the names from our partners
and expand the list to cover other groups in future.  We hope to release the
new version in early autumn.

We will notify the TAXACOM list when the new version is available and at that
point would welcome comments from the list members.

Nigel Robinson
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