fossil snake and tuatara trivia

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Sun Aug 4 10:41:24 CDT 2002

I recently came across a newspaper article reporting a couple of
interesting finds in New Zealand - at least perhaps of interest to some. It
concerned Miocene fossils with the first reported fossil snake for New
Zealand in the form of a jaw and tooth fragments. Also there were remains
of a 'tuatara-like' specimen. Tuatara have only a 30,000 year fossil
history. Their nearest relatives are fossil in western North America
(another Pacific group perhaps). The discoveries were reported at the
International Palaeontology Congress in Sydney. I have not yet made a
literature search to see if the finds are yet published, but if anyone has
seen such an article or was at the congress I would be interested to know more.

John Grehan

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