Taxonomic Registration

B.J.Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
Mon Aug 5 16:12:40 CDT 2002

While the question of "registration" seems to keep surfacing in the ICZN
and there seems to be a long list of the "problems" to solve perhaps we
should not forget that there is a system of registration in nomenclature
which already operates and it certainly does not do some of the negative
things which some comments on this lister server seem to claim.
Unfortunately the Code which uses this system of registration is not
available on the Internet (yet), but 20 years of experience in this area
now make it possible to locate all the known synonyms and run a search for
a list of homonyms against botanical and zoological taxa. The names which
are registered can be found at one of two websites and we certainly would
not like to return to the "good old days" before the lists were complied
and regularly updated:


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